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COMS Subsystem

Components : Transceiver

We are using the Datatech LRT470TR-5

Datatech LRT Series


Frequency 406 - 475 MHz
Max. Power Draw 3.5 W
at DC 5 V
OP Temp -30 to +60 Deg C
Length 78 mm
Breadth 52 mm
Height 20 mm
Weight 115 gramme
RF Power 50-750 mW

Power information, the draw is typical according to Ken Ovens at RF DataTech so we may have to do some testing when the transceiver arrives. I have included an exponential and a power curve best fit as they both fit quite well and I don't know which to go with.

The Manual is available, and provided important information on the PIC modem provided, as well as in depth operation instructions.


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