System Requirements For A Cubesat Uplink/Downlink

For our actual data transfer and what makes most sense to me is we transmit packets of hex which will give us much higher transfer rates. We can transmit normal satellite information using morse though.

Microcontroller collects data from payload/satellite systems and converts to stream of 8-bit binary numbers - onboard data handling

Modulator frequency modulates 8-bit binary numbers into something like morse code

Morse code is encoded into AX.25 protocol by terminal node controller (TNC)

TNC ‘packetizes’ data and ‘keys’ the transmitter (adds satellite ‘call sign’ to data)

Transmitter sends signal to ground station via antenna

Radio operating at UHF at ground station receives data signal and encodes stream to form required for data analysis

Ground Station transmits commands to the satellite (e.g. on/off commands for instruments)

Commands received by receiver and processed by microcontroller

For Ground Station equipment – can use National Space Centre

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