System Engineering

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Systems engineer: Daniel Brandt (Daniel.Brandt)

Master interface documents

These documents define aspects of the satellite that are common to all subsystems. The purpose of the master documents is to reduce the possibility of incompatibility between subsystems by providing a central record of what each subsystem is doing. Whenever you make a change to your subsystem that might affect the other parts of the satellite, you need to check it against this document. Some of the master documents change the previous settings for various subsystems - team leaders need to read through them (particularly the electronics interface) and either correct their own documentation accordingly or inform the system engineer should the changes I have made be impossible to implement.

Master electronics interface document
Master software interface document
Master hardware interface document

Old documents

Satellite Modes
Thermal Environment
Radiation Environment
Emergency Triad

The ADCS interfacing definition can be found here.
The PSU interfacing definition can be found here.
PCB dimensions can be found here.
The Mission Requirements document sets budget limits for the subsystems. Mission Requirements.

All information is also on a spreadsheet.

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