Cutesat-1.7 and Sharp


Having had an email from a man involved in the project, here are the specifications supplied about the Cute-1.7 cameras. (note cute-1.7#1 did not transmit any data, and cute-1.7#2 is due for launch in December)

Manufacturer: Sharp
Model: LZ0P3931
Pixels: 1280 x 1024
CMOS: 1/3"
Ouput: 8 bit parallel (UYVY)
Rolling shutter
Data rate: 54MB/s at 54MHz master clock
Size: 9mm x9mm x7mm

(Thanks to Ken Fujiwara)


After a quick trawl on the internet, I found this document about a CMOS sensor chip (LR38637) that Sharp have to offer. At first glance it looks quite good. It's CMOS, colour, 8 or 16 bit. Much better temperature range and runs on either 2.5-2.7 V. The document that I've linked is actually quite informative, but I am a little concerned about the 100 pin configuration. Not sure how many of them have to be used and where they have to go.

These next two are also colour CMOS image sensors, without lenses:


There are two other CMOS sensors on a list of Sharp products I could find. These have a built in lens, which if the documentation for each is correct shouldn't take up too much room.

LZ0P3821 11.4 x 11.4 x 5.0mm

I haven't been able to find data on the LZ0P3931 CMOS sensor that the Tokyo CUTE sats used, if anyone is trying to find it, the 0 in the model number is definitely a zero. The closest I got was trying to load a 152 page pdf (possibly the sharp-world 2004-05 catelogue, which crashed my computer). If anyone has found any other suppliers that would be worth looking at, please let me know.

So far I think that the Devitech sensor boards are better in the number of pixels they offer, but (providing the mass is kept low) perhaps it would be simpler to fly one of the Sharp sensor boards with an in built lens? Most sensor boards that have been found are all RGB colour ones.

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