Pinhole vs lens

Prior to the M.R.R. there were two considered options for the optic of the camera subsystem, these were:

  • Have a pinhole
  • Contain a lens

At the M.R.R., and in light of what was said, it was decided that a camera system with a pinhole optic would not offer optimum image quality given the high picture quality obtainable from the CMOS detector. A lens offers the highest image quality, whilst not increasing the mass, power or volume budget significantly. A pinhole system would also require a cover glass to prevent entry to the detector of trapped protons and electrons in the South Atlantic Anomaly (SAA). Whilst we don't spend a large amount of our orbital lifetime in the SAA, the detector would degrade over time. Initial radiation environment analysis has been started using SPENVIS (a modelling tool of the Earth's environment for satellites).

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