Pinhole Camera Size

Dimensions of the Pinhole Camera model

There are three main components to the camera size, these are the C.M.O.S. chip, the optic and the box to contain the aperture.

The STAR1000BK7

The dimensions of this chip are found on the Cypress download (linked on the camera homepage). These are 30.23mm ±0.01mm x 29.21mm ±0.03mm x 3.05mm ±0.03mm.

The optic

The optic is, in this case the pinhole. So the contribution to the dimensions are primarily the focal length of the light. As discussed in the page where the optical photon flux is approximated, the focal length is set by the array size. In this evaluation, the focal length was found to be 7.68mm. This will infact be a slight underestimate, if the BK7 is used instead of the regular STAR1000, as the glass will alter the length, due to the differing refractive index. The pure Nitrogen gas may also alter this too.

The Aperture

The aperture itself is just a hole, so it doesn't directly increase the volume. However, the hole must be housed in a sheet of metal of other suitable material, which in turn must be supported above the sensor array. As the type of material, thickness and attachment are yet to be determined, the addition to the component of the dimensions are not known. However, it may be that Alumium of a similar specification to the Cubesat structure is used, in which case, this may be assumed to add a couple of millimetres in each direction.

Overall dimensions

The camera system can be guaranteed to be smaller than 35mm x 35mm x 15mm. However, it will most likely be larger than 30mm x 30mm x 10mm.


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