Power Up Procedures

The following procedures will be followed by the MCU to turn on other subsystems and make them ready for use

Power up procedures will be filled in by OBDH team members as they are devised.


The MCU has not specific requirements on start up. From first look at the MCU documentation it is believed that it needs a +3.3V supply, but this should be provided by the board. On start up the MCU should jump and start running code from a location in its flash, this is 0xFFFE1 which is where the MCU always jumps to when the voltage to it reaches a runnable level, therefore this will be the location of the recovery code, which will be placed directly on to the MCU flash, so that it stands a higher chance of not being corrupted.




The ADCS does not need to be powered up. It requires a 3.3v power supply and will output voltages based upon the magnetic field acting on each axis.

To determine if the ADCS system is working, the output voltages for each axis must be tested to ensure they fall within the expected values.

Further information can be found on the ADCS Interface page.


Process for testing if the camera is powered up correctly / working needs to be determined.

Preliminary Flowchart:



How to power up the communication system. Flowchart (updated on 2008-10-18):




How to power up the payload - this is not currently known but will be added when the payload team has finalised it.

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