Data Budget

This page outlines how much bandwidth will be required to transmit all the required data back to the ground station.

Each payload event will require a reading from ADCS, and some sort of time measurement.
ADCS requires 12 bytes per reading.
The volume of data required for a time measurement is currently unknown.
We expect to have an average of one payload event per 1.44 orbits. Of course, we could end up with 10 events in one orbit and nothing for several orbits. However, it is highly unlikely that a single orbit will result in any more than 100 payload events. (though this estimation will be more rigorously defined in due course)

Total volume of data required for each payload event: >12 bytes
Estimated total volume of data required for an orbit’s worth of payload events: currently unknown

Each photo taken will be 640x480 pixels, with 24 bits per pixel. This is a total of 921,600 bytes per photo (before compression). Here are three photos which are typical of what the camera might capture:


Photo 1


Photo 2


Photo 3

This table shows how well these photos compress:


We currently intend to compress images to JPEG format.

Total volume of data required for each photo: roughly 70,000 bytes

Photo 1 sourced from:

Photo 2 sourced from:

Photo 3 sourced from:

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