On-Board Data Handling (OBDH)

OBDH Team Members

Team leader

David Marshall ku.ca.el|91mad#ku.ca.el|91mad

Current members

Gareth Douglas ku.ca.el|87dg#ku.ca.el|87dg
James Forster ku.ca.el|01fhj#ku.ca.el|01fhj
Tom Hands ku.ca.el|1hot#ku.ca.el|1hot
Dominic Hilliard ku.ca.el|241hd#ku.ca.el|241hd
Andy West ku.ca.el|291wa#ku.ca.el|291wa
Robert Garner ku.ca.el|751gr#ku.ca.el|751gr

Former members

Peter Adams ku.ca.el|1alsp#ku.ca.el|1alsp
Gareth Gould ku.ca.el|7gjg#ku.ca.el|7gjg
Ian Griffiths ku.ca.el|04gi#ku.ca.el|04gi
Peter Hague ku.ca.el|91hrp#ku.ca.el|91hrp
Greg Smith ku.ca.el|41spg#ku.ca.el|41spg

Google Code

All our code can be found on our Google Code project.


Operations Manual
Hardware Interface
System Definition Document

COMS Interface Document

OBDH pages




Work packages

A list of work packages for the OBDH subsystem, and their descriptions, can be found on the management pages.

Before ANY work is attempted on the work packages, team members should read the OBDH operations manual PLM-OBDH-Operations-215. There are important instructions there for handling the equipment and avoiding ESD (Electro-Static Discharge).
All work done on these packages must be documented whilst it is underway.

A work package will only be considered complete when that documentation is submitted and specified outputs are generated. This is to ensure that the completion of each work package can be independently verified, and the work checked.


User manual for MSP430s
MSP430F1612 datasheet
TI's application notes for programming the MCU
Interfacing the MCU with SD cards

FM430 Board
Manufacturers specification of the FM430 board
FAQ regarding the FM430 board
System engineering chart for the cubesat kit

Various documentation for the HP1650A logic analyser
A Columbian Satellite that uses the cubesatkit board. Website is in Spanish

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