The Management team

Laura Evans (project manager)||1ell
David Gray||1gwsd

Daniel Brandt (postgrad supervisor)||tdnarb.leinad

Resource management

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The documentation list can be found here

The Work package breakdown master list can be found here.

The Work package breakdown descriptions can be found here.

Documentation format and layout

A template to be used for all documents can be found here.

A description of how to set out and properly name documents can be found here.

A description of how to format work package breakdown documents can be found here.

A template to be used for work package breakdowns can be found here.

Types of Documentation

WPB - The Work Package Breakdown contains information about what needs to be done and whose job it is to do it.

WBP (Work Package Breakdown) of 12.03.08 WPB


Figure 1: Image of a WPB

SRD - The Science Requriements Document has to specify what is required to fullfill the missions science objectives, i.e. what sensitivity is required, what flux, maximum level of noise, etc.

RD - The Requirements Document has to specify everything that is required from the satellite, taking into account the SRD and any other requirements. I.e.: The satellite has to be constructed in a 10x10x10 cm envelope, compatible with a P-POD deployer, fullfilling the SRD requirements etc.

Gantt chart - The Gantt chart will contain a list of all the tasks specified in the WPB and time table them, plus milestone meetings such as the payload selection, preliminary design review (PDR) and critical design review (CDR).


Figure 2: Example Gantt chart for time tabling

Funding Documentation

Funding estimates as of 25.04.07 Draft Costing
Funding estimates as of 30.01.08 Draft Costing
Funding estimates as of 12.03.08 Draft Costing

Initial Funding Estimates to be updated in the costing spreadsheet.

Joint work drafting with Magna Parva from 12.03.08.
Meeting report with Magna Parva from 12.03.08.

Results of the M.R.R.:

The Mission Requirements Review has been drawn up, listing all issues to be answered by each team.

Here are the MRRminutes.

Mission Definitions Document:

The basic mission definition is outlined in the Preliminary Mission Parameters.


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