Harsh Environment Lenses

As with the detector, the lens is being sourced, probably to come from Edmund Optics. The type of lenses are going to be harsh environment lenses, with specs as roughly outlined here.


Figure 1: Diagramatic representation of the Harsh Environment lens from Edmund Optics

As the lenses come as sealed units, they would have to be drilled to avoid problems with the pressure of the air within the model in the space environment.

Focal Length (mm) Max C.M.O.S. format (inches) f/# Angular Field of View (o) Minimum Working Distance (mm) Max image circle (mm) Distortion Diagonal @ Full Field (%) Distortion Horizontal @ Full Field (%)
2.2 1/3 F2.0 110 400 6 25 19
3.6 1/3 F2.5 85 400 6 23 17
6.0 1/2 F1.8 58 400 8 6 4
8.0 1/2 F1.8 46 400 8 8 5

Table 1: Technical Specifications for Harsh Environment Lenses available from Edmund Optics

Further information on the same lenses is contained in the following table:

Description Wavelength Range (nm) Dimension A (mm) Dimension B (mm) Dimension C (mm) Dimension D (mm) Stock Number Price ($)
HEO MICRO VIDEO LENS 2.2mm FL VIS 416-765 21.0 16.4 1.92 5.4 NT58-840 99.00
HEO MICRO VIDEO LENS 3.6mm FL VIS 416-765 21.0 14.1 4.50 4.5 NT58-841 99.00
HEO MICRO VIDEO LENS 6.0mm FL VIS 416-765 21.0 15.2 4.10 4.0 NT58-842 99.00
HEO MICRO VIDEO LENS 8.0mm FL VIS 416-765 14.0 15.4 8.29 4.0 NT58-843 99.00

Table 2: Further technical specifications for Harsh Environment Lenses available from Edmund Optics

Currently, if a Harsh Environment Lens optic system is to be used, the smallest lens, (NT58-840) is the one that is likely to be selected. However, after trying to contact Edmund Optics, they said 'Certainly, I cannot comment on the effect of drilling holes in the lenses'. This followed several emails in which I tried to obtain more information than shown above, apparently there is none, and whilst they are infinite conjugate, with a minimum working distance (400mm), the lenses are not designed intended for use in a vacuum. So obviously, the company don't want to put their neck on the line and say that their lenses will be fine in our use in case they don't and we blame them. (Sorry to be blunt)

Intensity evaluation for NT58-840


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