Emco Q10N-5 Specification

High Voltage Power Supply Specification:

The high voltage power supply - the Q10N-5 – from EMCO High Voltage, the total package of 2 units will cost approximately $300

Main Features:

Very small, 2 cubic centimetres (13.7 x 13.7 x 13.7mm) weighing 4.25 grams
0 to 5v DC input, -1000v output
Low ripple <0.25% and can be further reduced with a capacitor
Low outgassing expoxy


Operating temperature -55C to +75C

Model Input Voltage Output voltage Output Current Ripple Input Current No load Input Current Full Load Internal Oscillator Frequency
Q10N-5 0 to 5v 0 to -1000v 0.5mA <0.25% <50mA <175mA 125-300 kHz

The output of the Q Series is proportional to the input voltage and is relatively linear from about 15% to 100% output. The unit turns on at approximately 0.7 volts at which point the output jumps up to about 15%. From 0.7 volts upwards, the output is proportional to the input voltage.

Pin# Function
1 Input (-)
2 Input (+)
3 Output (-)
4 Output (RTN)

Q-Series Specification: http://www.emcohighvoltage.com/
Application Notes: http://www.emcohighvoltage.com/Qapp.PDF

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