Documentation List

Here is the list of existing PLUME documentation.

When you create a new document check this list to find out which number you should assign to your file. (This will be the last number in the list PLUS 1 in the appropriate subsystem section.)

Then add your new file name, number and details to the list in the appropriate section (if you don't add your file someone else will take the same number).

The document detailing any file name changes that were made is here
This includes previous and new file names along with titles and reference numbers

File Name Title or Description Reference Number
PLM-PAY-Appendix1-001-1.docx appendix 1 pippa’s 4th year report (2008) 001-1
PLM-PAY-BufferPic-002-1.bmp buffer circuit image 002-1
PLM-PAY-BufferTestRep-011-1.docx replicated doc see 011-1 003-1
PLM-PAY-DcDcConverter-004-1.docx DC-DC converter 004-1
PLM-PAY-DetectorOpts-005-1.docx Detector Design Options 005-1
PLM-PAY-DustFlux2-006-1 dust flux graph 006-1
PLM-PAY-DustFlux-007-1 dust flux graph 007-1
PLM-PAY-MagnetDust-008-1.docx Dust in the Earth’s Magnetosphere 008-1
PLM-PAY-MCACalib-009-1.xls Multi Channel Analyser calibration curve 009-1
PLM-PAY-ParticleFlux-010-1.xls particle flux calculations spreadsheet 010-1
PLM-PAY-BufferTestRep-011-1.docx Buffer Circuit Test Report 011-1
PLM-PAY-ElecsInter-012-1.doc Payload Electronics interface document 012-1
PLM-PAY-ElecsInter-012-2.docx Payload Electronics interface document 012-2
PLM-PAY-GainCalcs-013-2.docx finding the gain of the payload system 013-2
PLM-PAY-GainCalcs-013-3.docx finding the gain of the payload system 013-3
PLM-PAY-LabElecsGain-014-1.docx finding the gain of the electronics chain 014-1
PLM-PAY-LabEquipConfigs-015-3.docx Lab Equipment configuration 015-3
PLM-PAY-LabMcaCalibration-016-1.docx MCA Calibration 016-1
PLM-PAY-LabMcaUse-017-1.docx MCA Calibration 017-1
PLM-PAY-LabTestPlan-018-1.docx Payload Lab Set-up Test Plan 018-1
PLM-PAY-DetectorProgress-019-1.docx detector progress discussion 019-1
PLM-PAY-MCPGuide-020-1.docx MCP Guide – How our detector works 020-1
PLM-PAY-MechInter-021-1.docx Mechanical interface document 021-1
PLM-PAY-MechInter-021-2.pdf Mechanical interface document 021-2
PLM-PAY-MechInter-021-3.docx Mechanical interface document 021-3
PLM-PAY-PPBTestPlan-022-1.pdf payload prototype board test plan 022-1
PLM-PAY-PPBTestPlan-022-2.docx payload prototype board test plan 022-2
PLM-PAY-PPBTestPlan-022-2.pdf payload prototype board test plan 022-2
PLM-PAY-SDD-023-2.docx systems definition document 023-2
PLM-PAY-SDD-023-3.docx systems definition document 023-3
PLM-PAY-SDD-023-3.pdf systems definition document 023-3
PLM-PAY-SoftwareInter-024-1.docx software interface document 024-1
PLM-PAY-SystemBudget-025-2.doc systems budgets 025-2
PLM-PAY-SystemBudget-025-3.docx systems budgets 025-3
PLM-PAY-SystemBudget-025-4.docx systems budgets 025-4
PLM-PAY-SystemDiag-026-2 systems diagram 026-2
PLM-PAY-SystemDiag-026-3 systems diagram 026-3
PLM-PAY-SystemDiag-026-4 systems diagram 026-4
PLM-PAY-PDD-027-1.docx Payload Definition Document 027-1
PLM-PAY-TeamPPBPic-028-1 Phil and Laura with the PPB 028-1
PLM-PAY-4thYearRep08-029-1.docx Pippa’s 4th year report (2008) 029-1
PLM-PAY-SRD-030-2.docx Science Requirements Document 030-2
PLM-PAY-SigProcess-031-1 Signal processing chain diagram 031-1
PLM-PAY-WPBDescrip-032-0 Payload and camera work package breakdown descriptions 032-0
PLM-PAY-PrelimBoardLayout-033-0 Preliminary payload/camera/ADCS board layout 033-0
PLM-PAY-NoiseSPC-034-0.docx Table of noise in signal processing chain 034-0
PLM-PAY-NoiseSPC-034-1.docx Table of noise in signal processing chain (updated after circuit modification) 034-1
PLM-PAY-DACTestPlan-035-0.docx DAC test plan 035-0
PLM-PAY-PayCamSchedule-036-1.docx Payload and camera schedule 036-1
PLM-PAY-PayCamSchedule-036-3.docx Payload and camera schedule 036-3
PLM-PAY-LaserPrePlan-037-1.docx Payload and camera schedule 037-1
PLM-PAY-NoiseSPCwithMCP-038-0.docx Table of noise in signal processing chain connected to MCP 038-0
PLM-PAY-SampleHoldTesting2-039-1.docx Sample hold version 2 test report 039-1
PLM-PAY-PayloadFlightDetectorReport-040-1.docx 4th year PPB Grep report 040-1
PLM-PAY-FlightHardwarePackage-041-1.docx Payload flight hardware package 041-1
PLM-PAY-SignalChainReport-042-1.docx Phil's 3rd year project report 042-1
PLM-PAY-DustSignals-043-1.docx Dave Gray's 4th year report 043-1
PLM-PAY-LasertestAnalysis-044-1.docx Analysis of 2nd laser test 044-1
PLM-COMS-Summary-101-1.ppt COMS summary slides 101-1
PLM-COMS-dismantle-102-1 removed 102-1
PLM-COMS-FreqProg-103-1.docx how to program the LMX2316 synthesiser on the LRT470 103-1
PLM-COMS-QuakeExp-104-1.docx Explanation of QuakeSat Material 104-1
PLM-COMS-SatSim-105-1.exe code 105-1
PLM-COMS-QSatElem-106-1.bas ‘basic’ code 106-1
PLM-COMS-QSatElem-107-1.exe executable 107-1
PLM-COMS-Quakes-108-1.txt text file 108-1
PLM-COMS-AmSatBeacon-109-1.docx AmSat beacon update 109-1
PLM-COMS-LinkBudgetSummary-110-1.docx Summary of Jan King Link Budget Calculator 110-1
PLM-COMS-AmSatPic1-111-1 AmSat Pic1 111-1
PLM-COMS-AmSatPic2-112-1 AmSatPic2 112-1
PLM-COMS-AmSatPic3-113-1 AmSatPic3 113-1
PLM-COMS-AmSatPic4-114-1 AmSatPic4 114-1
PLM-COMS-LinkBudgetCalc-115-1.xls Jan King Calculator 115-1
PLM-COMS-LRTPower-116-1.pdf LRT Power datasheet 116-1
PLM-COMS-DataInter-117-2.docx COMS data interface document 117-2
PLM-COMS-08Present-118-1.ppt update presentation 118-1
PLM-COMS-DLBudget-119-1.xls Down Link Budget spreadsheet 119-1
PLM-COMS-ULBudget-120-1.xls UpLink Budget spreadsheet 120-1
PLM-COMS-GroundReq-121-1.docx Ground Station Requirements 121-1
PLM-COMS-BlockDiag-122-1 system block diagram 122-1
PLM-COMS-SDD-123-1.doc System Definition Document 123-1
PLM-COMS-SDD-123-3.docx System Definition Document 123-3
PLM-COMS-WPB-124-1.docx Work Package Breakdown Document (OLD) 124-1
PLM-COMS-WPBPic-125-1.bmp Work Package Breakdown image 125-1
PLM-COMS-MRD-126-1.docx Mission Requirements Document 126-1
PLM-COMS-FindSat-127-1.docx “finding our Satellite” by J. Heath 127-1
PLM-COMS-TLEExamples-128-1 TLE’s from CubeSats 128-1
PLM-COMS-BenchTestingComs-129-1 Guide to working with coms prototype hardware 129-1
PLM-COMS-WPBDesc-130-3 Work Package Breakdown 130-3
PLM-COMS-DM780Manual-131-1 Instructions for DM780 ground station software 131-1
PLM-COMS-AntDesign-132-1 Antenna Design Document 132-1
PLM-COMS-MecInter-133-1 Mechanical Interface Document 133-1
PLM-COMS-AntDepTest-134-1 Antenna Deployment Test 134-1
PLM-COMS-VacDepTest-135-1 Deployer Test in Vacuum 135-1
PLM-COMS-LRTManual-136-1 LRT Datatech Transceiver Manual 136-1
PLM-COMS-AX25Ref-137-1 Detailed AX.25 specification 137-1
PLM-COMS-ARLicence-138-1 Ofcom AR Licensing Policy 138-1
PLM-COMS-SatCoord-139-1 IARU Satellite Frequency Coordination 139-1
PLM-COMS-SatCoord-140-1 Briefing from Andy Thomas 140-1
PLM-COMS-DSRICourse-141-1 Cubesat Link Budget Document from DSRI 141-1
PLM-COMS-AntBendRadius-142-1 Antenna Bend Radius Test 142-1
PLM-COMS-AntBendRadius-142-2 Antenna Bend Radius with Results 142-2
PLM-COMS-AntRadiationPatterns-143-1 Antenna Radiation Patterns Document 143-1
PLM-COMS-AntRadiationPatterns-143-2 Revised Document Including Dipole Configuration 143-2
PLM-COMS-Schedule-144-1 Schedule for COMS 144-1
PLM-COMS-AntSchematic-145-0 Antenna Attachment Schematic 145-0
PLM-COMS-ModIntProg-146-1 Modem Interface Program (Zipped) 146-1
PLM-COMS-CircuitDiag-147-0 Flight Board Circuit Layout 147-0
PLM-COMS-CircuitDiag-147-3 Flight Board Circuit Layout 147-3
PLM-OBDH-FlightCompPic-201-1 Flight computer in the satellite, picture 201-1
PLM-OBDH-InterfaceDoc-202-1.xls Interface spreadsheet 202-1
PLM-OBDH-HardwareInterf-203-2.docx Hardware Interface 203-2
PLM-OBDH-HardwareInterf-203-3.docx Hardware Interface 203-3
PLM-OBDH-ElecInterf-204-3.docx Electronic Interface 204-3
PLM-OBDH-ElecInterf-204-4.docx Electronic Interface 204-4
PLM-OBDH-ElecInterf-204-5.docx Electronic Interface 204-5
PLM-OBDH-SDD-205-1.doc System Definition Document 205-1
PLM-OBDH-TestPlan-206-1.docx System Test Plan 206-1
PLM-OBDH-TestPlan-206-2.docx System Test Plan 206-2
PLM-OBDH-SysBlockDiag-207-1 system overview block diagram 207-1
PLM-OBDH-WPB-208-1.docx Work Package Breakdown 208-1
PLM-OBDH-ADCOut-209-1 ADC output image 209-1
PLM-OBDH-ADCSGraph-210-1 ADC/ADCS output graph 210-1
PLM-OBDH-ADCSIntTest-211-1.xls OBDH-ADCS integration tests 211-1
PLM-OBDH-MCUDiagram-212-1 Cubesat MCU diagram 212-1
PLM-OBDH-SDManual-213-1.pdf SD card manual 213-1
PLM-OBDH-SD-214-1.c SD code 214-1
PLM-OBDH-Operations-215-1.docx Operations manual 215-1
PLM-OBDH-Operations-215-12.docx Operations manual 215-2
PLM-OBDH-SoftInterf-216-1.docx Software interface 216-1
PLM-OBDH-SoftInterf-216-2.docx Software interface 216-2
PLM-OBDH-WPBDesc-217-1.docx WPB Description 217-1
PLM-OBDH-COMSInterf-218-0.docx OBDH - COMS Interface Document 218-0
PLM-OBDH-COMSInterf-218-1.docx OBDH - COMS Interface Document 218-1
PLM-OBDH-COMSInterfTest-219-0.docx OBDH - COMS Interface Test Plan 219-0
PLM-OBDH-COMSInterfTest-219-1.docx OBDH - COMS Interface Test Plan 219-1
PLM-OBDH-I2CStartConditionDiagram-220.jpg OBDH - I2C Logic Analyser Trace Sketch 220-0
PLM-OBDH-I2Chalfsignal-221.jpg OBDH - I2C half signal produced by logic analyser 221-0
PLM-OBDH-PSUInterfer-222-0.docx OBDH - PSU Interface Test Plan 222-0
PLM-OBDH-PSUSummerPlacement-223-0.docx OBDH-PSU Summer Placement Report 223-0
PLM-PSU-BattDataSheet-301-1.pdf battery data sheet 301-1
PLM-PSU-PowerDataSheet-302-1.pdf clydespace cubesat power data sheet 302-1
PLM-PSU-SolarJustif-303-1.docx solar cell justification document 303-1
PLM-PSU-PowerProdCalc-304-1.xlsx power production calculation spreadsheet 304-1
PLM-PSU-BoardPic-305-1 PSU board image 305-1
PLM-PSU-BlockDiag-306-1 PSU block diagram 306-1
PLM-PSU-ChargeDischTest-307-1.docx charge discharge test of the PSU 307-1
PLM-PSU-ChargeDischTest-307-2.docx charge discharge test of the PSU 307-2
PLM-PSU-MechInter-308-1.docx Mechanical Interface document 308-1
PLM-PSU-MechInter-308-2.docx Mechanical Interface document 308-2
PLM-PSU-PowerProd-309-1.docx Power production 309-1
PLM-PSU-Schedule-310-1.xls schedule 310-1
PLM-PSU-SDD-311-1.docx systems definition document 311-1
PLM-PSU-SDD-311-2.docx systems definition document 311-2
PLM-PSU-SpecrolabSolar-313-1.pdf spectrolab solar cells datasheet 313-1
PLM-PSU-TestPlan-314-2.docx PSU test plan 314-2
PLM-PSU-WPB-315-0.xls Work package breakdown preliminary list 315-0
PLM-PSU-WPBDesc-316-0.doc Work package descriptions 316-0
PLM-PSU-ElecInter-317-1.docx Electronic Interface document 317-1
PLM-PSU-ElecInter-317-2.docx Electronic Interface document 317-2
PLM-PSU-SoftInter-318-1.docx Software Interface document 318-1
PLM-PSU-SoftInter-318-2.docx Software Interface document 318-2
PLM-PSU-PowerBudget-319-1.xlsx Power Budget 319-1
PLM-PSU-PowerBudget-319-2.xlsx Power Budget 319-2
PLM-PSU-TTCconversion-320-1.xlsx Telemetry and Telecommand Conversion 320-1
PLM-PSU-SolarReport-321-1.doc Solar Panel Report (summer 2010) 321-1
PLM-ADCS-CalibPicsX-401-1.docx Calibration graphs (X) 401-1
PLM-ADCS-OBDHInter-402-1.docx ADCS-OBDH interface test plan 402-1
PLM-ADCS-ADCSPic-403-1 ADCS image 403-1
PLM-ADCS-SDD-404-2.docx ADCS System Definition Document 404-2
PLM-ADCS-SRD-405-1.docx ADCS Science Requirement Document 405-1
PLM-ADCS-AttitudePaper-406-1.pdf Attitude determination paper 406-1
PLM-ADCS-CalibGraph-407-1 calibration graph 407-1
PLM-ADCS-ComponentsPic-408-1.docx ADCS image 408-1
PLM-ADCS-ElecInter-409-1.docx electronic interface document 409-1
PLM-ADCS-ElecTest-410-3.docx electronic testing and calibration of the adcs system 410-3
PLM-ADCS-NcubeControl-411-1.pdf NCUBE attitude control 411-1
PLM-ADCS-NcubeDetermin-412-1.pdf NCUBE attitude determination 412-1
PLM-ADCS-OrbitalCalcs-413-1.xls orbital calculations spreadsheet 413-1
PLM-ADCS-3rdYrProj08-414-1.docx 3rd yr ADCS pair project (2008) 414-1
PLM-ADCS-Point-415-1 graph 415-1
PLM-ADCS-PowerTest-416-1.docx Power Consumption Test 416-1
PLM-ADCS-TorqueCalcs-417-1.xls torque calculations spreadsheet 417-1
PLM-ADCS-MagneticVectorTestPlan-418-1.docx Magnetic Vector Calibration Test Plan 418-1
PLM-ADCS-SolarVectorTestPlan-419-1.docx Solar Panel Sun Vector Test Plan 419-1
PLM-ADCS-PLM-ADCS-WPBDescrip-420-1.docx ADCS workpackage breakdown 420-1
PLM-ADCS-PLM-ADCS-PrevSol-428-0.docx Research into previously flown Solar Panels 428-0
PLM-MAN-FileNames-501-0 PLUME file name changes 501-0
PLM-MAN-FileNames-501-1.docx PLUME file name changes 501-1
PLM-MAN-FileNameConvention-502-0 PLUME file naming conventions 502-0
PLM-MAN-FileNameConvention-502-1 PLUME file naming conventions 502-1
PLM-MAN-FileNameConvention-502-2 PLUME file naming conventions 502-2
PLM-MAN-Template-503-1 title of document (this is a template document) 503-1
PLM-MAN-Budget-504-1.docx financial budget 504-1
PLM-MAN-Budget-504-2.docx financial budget 504-2
PLM-MAN-Budget-504-3.docx financial budget 504-3
PLM-MAN-Costing-505-1.xls Costing spreadsheet 505-1
PLM-MAN-GanntPic-506-1 Gantt Chart image 506-1
PLM-MAN-MagPar-507-1.docx Interactions with Magna Parva 507-1
PLM-MAN-MissionParam-508-1.docx Mission Parameters document 508-1
PLM-MAN-MagParWork-509-1.docx Possibility of Joint Work with Magna Parva 509-1
PLM-MAN-MRR-510-1.docx Mission Requirements Review 510-1
PLM-MAN-MRRMins-511-1.docx Mission Requirements Review Minutes 511-1
PLM-MAN-WpListPic-512-1 work package list image 512-1
PLM-MAN-WpList-513-1.xls work package lists 513-1
PLM-MAN-WPic-514-1.bit Work Package Breakdown image 514-1
PLM-MAN-WPBFormat-515-0.docx Work Package Breakdown Format and Layout 515-0
PLM-MAN-WPBFormat-515-1.docx Work Package Breakdown Format and Layout 515-1
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-0.xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-0
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-1.xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-1
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-2.xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-2
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-3.xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-3
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-4.xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-4
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-5.xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-5
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-6-xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-6
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-7-xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-7
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-8-xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-8
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-9-xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-9
PLM-MAN-WPBMasterList-516-10-xlsx Work Package Breakdown Master List 516-10
PLM-MAN-WPBDescrip-517-0.docx Work Package Breakdown Description List 517-0
PLM-MAN-WPBDescrip-517-1.docx Work Package Breakdown Description List 517-1
PLM-MAN-WPBDescrip-517-2.docx Work Package Breakdown Description List 517-2
PLM-MAN-WPBDescrip-517-3.docx Work Package Breakdown Description List 517-3
PLM-MAN-WPBDescrip-517-4.docx Work Package Breakdown Description List 517-4
PLM-MAN-MDD-518-0.docx Mission Definition Document 518-0
PLM-MAN-WPBTemplate-519-1.docx WBP description template 519-1
PLM-MAN-4thYearGReP-520-1.docx $th year GReP outline 2009 520-1
Systems Engineering
PLM-SYS-ADCSInterf-601-1.docx ADCS interface document 601-1
PLM-SYS-Interface-602-1.xls systems interfacing document 602-1
PLM-SYS-MRD-603-1.docx mission requirements document 603-1
PLM-SYS-MRD-603-2.docx mission requirements document 603-2
PLM-SYS-PSUInterSDD-604-1.docx PSU interface and systems definition document 604-1
PLM-SYS-MasterElectronics-605-1.docx Master electronic interface document 605-1
PLM-SYS-MasterElectronics-605-2.docx Master electronic interface document 605-2
PLM-SYS-MasterElectronics-605-3.docx Master electronic interface document 605-3
PLM-SYS-MasterElectronics-605-4.docx Master electronic interface document 605-4
PLM-SYS-MasterElectronics-605-5.docx Master electronic interface document 605-5
PLM-SYS-MasterElectronics-605-6.docx Master electronic interface document 605-6
PLM-SYS-MasterSoftware-606-0.docx Master software interface document 606-0
PLM-SYS-MasterSoftware-606-1.docx Master software interface document 606-1
PLM-SYS-MasterMechanical-607-0.docx Master mechanical interface document 607-0
PLM-CAM-BlockDiagram-701-1 Camera system block diagram 701-1
PLM-CAM-BlockDiagram-701-2 Camera system block diagram 701-2
PLM-CAM-C3188Back-702-1 C3188 back picture 702-1
PLM-CAM-C3188Front-703-1 C3188 front picture 703-1
PLM-CAM-C3188Front2-704-1 C3188 front picture 2 704-1
PLM-CAM-HeoPic-705-1.jpg Harsh Environment Optics diagram 705-1
PLM-CAM-SRD-706-1.docx Science requirement document v1 706-1
PLM-CAM-SRD-706-2.docx Science requirement document v2 706-2
PLM-CAM-IRFilterPic-707-1 IR cutoff filter diagram 707-1
PLM-CAM-ElecInterface-708-1.docx Camera Electronics Interface document 708-1
PLM-CAM-SDD-709-3.docx Camera Systems Definition document 709-3
PLM-CAM-RadHardElecs-710-1.pdf RadHard Electronics 710-1
PLM-CAM-5DegDoseSphere-711-1 5 degree dose centre of sphere picture 711-1
PLM-CAM-RadDoseSphere-712-1.docx 5 degree dose centre of sphere 712-1
PLM-CAM-RadDoseSI-713-1.docx 5 degree dose semi infinite 713-1
PLM-CAM-5DegDoseSI-714-1 5 degree dose semi infinite picture 714-1
PLM-CAM-eFlux5Deg-715-1 electron flux at 5 degrees picture 715-1
PLM-CAM-pFlux5Deg-716-1 proton flux at 5 degrees picture 716-1
PLM-CAM-RadData-717-1.docx Radiation Data 717-1
PLM-CAM-SphereDoseTab45-718-1.docx Dosage Table for 45 degrees, Centre of Sphere 718-1
PLM-CAM-SphereDose45-719-1 45 degree dosage, centre of sphere, picture 719-1
PLM-CAM-eFlux45Deg-720-1 electron flux, 45 degrees, picture 720-1
PLM-CAM-pFlux45Deg-721-1 proton flux, 45 degrees, picture 721-1
PLM-CAM-ProtonModelData-722-1.docx Trapped Proton model data 722-1
PLM-CAM-SIRadData-723-1.docx Radiation dose, Semi Infinite model 723-1
PLM-CAM-SIDosage45-724-1 45 degree dosage, Semi Infinite, picture 724-1
PLM-CAM-CPBTestPlan-725-3 CPB Test Plan 725-3
PLM-CAM-CPBTestLog-726-1 CPB Testing Log 726-1
PLM-MEC-PcbInterface-801-1.docx PCB Mechanical Interface Document 801-1
PLM-MEC-SatBodyPic-802-1.jpg Satellite body picture 802-1
PLM-MISC-OrbitVid-901-1 cube orbit video 901-1
PLM-MISC-Acronyms-902-1.docx List of Acronyms 902-1
PLM-MISC-BbcClip-903-1 PLUME on East Mids Today 903-1
PLM-MISC-Review08Pt1-904-1.ppt Summer 08 Review Pt1 904-1
PLM-MISC- Review08Pt2-905-1.ppt Summer 08 Review Pt2 905-1
PLM-MISC- EsaConference-906-1.docx Vega Maiden Flight CubeSat Conference 906-1
PLM-MISC-CleanRoomPic-907-1.jpg Clean room picture 907-1
PLM-MISC-MDD-908-1.docx Mission Definition Document 908-1
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