OBDH Tasks

The current tasks for the OBDH team are as follows:

1) Develop code to write raw data to the SD card
2) Find a method of reading raw data onto a PC
3) Develop code to generate test data based on electrical inputs to the development board
4) Test the above and demonstrate ability to write to an SD card

In addition, we still require the completion of all power up/recovery procedures. We also need to work on software timers and figure out a way to minimize inaccuracy

Tasks for 3/12/08

  • Fix ADC interface with ADCS
  • Fix SPI interface with SD card
  • Test I2C bus interface with PSU
  • Establish communications requirements and test COMS software

Tasks for 31/1/09

Pete to update SDD, work on SD card

Peter to work on modem stuff

Dave to produce a cost analysis and work on ADCS testing

Tom to produce recovery subroutines

Gareth to I2C command system, and PSU control

Ian to work on SD card

  • Software/hardware inferface + testing plan (urgent)
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