COMS Update

5th February 2008

After a peroid with out much being done to the wiki (As TDM + SW were unfamiliar with the wikidot standard) the coms area is being bought up to scratch!


3rd December 2007

New members of COMS have been assigned, two people of which are working in 3rd year student pair projects. These people will need time to get up-to-speed where the project is at. As such, COMS will need you to please bear with them. Meanwhile, I am updating the wiki as much as possible in order to try and communicate this effectively, not just for the new members, but hopefully help with interfacing as a whole. Hopefully the attached documents on the wiki will be a good starting point. COMS very much look forward to getting the report back from the panel for the MRR to know more in depth how to proceed.

EX-COMS Manager

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