COMS Interface

This page will contain all the interfaces with all other subsystems particularly PSU/OBDH


Details of the COMS system data interface are available in this document. This gives a description of the command syntax used to run the COMS system. This document may be subject to revision after testing.


At this point, further information is required regarding interfaces with all other subsystems. The following list includes the most important factors, which may affect the components chosen thus far:

• Power budget – COMS will require a very minimum of 100mW in order ‘pick up’ the CubeSat using our transceiver. Another small amount of power will be required for the proposed beacon, although this requirement is expected to be minimal and will be confirmed upon investigating the beacon further.

• ACDS – The proposed communications system is based on a tumbling satellite. If the satellite is not intended to tumble, this could affect our choice of antenna and hence power budget quite significantly.

Document will be downloadable from here soon.

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