COMS Frequency Band & Data Rate

This page contains information used to define suitable frequency band and data rate required, taking into account international regulations and license requirements.

Radio Broadcast Bands

Digital Satellite Radio
11.3260GHz – 12.3435GHz

Short Wave Radio
3200kHz – 21840kHz

Band II VHF Radio
87.7MHz – 107.9MHz

Television Broadcast Bands

474MHz – 850MHz

Utility Bands

HF Marine Band
0.5MHz, 2.0460MHz – 26.4500MHz

VHF Marine Band
156.0MHz – 467.8250MHz

Amateur Radio
0.0730MHz – 1316.0MHz

CB Radio Band
26.9650MHz – 934.9625MHz

Low VHF PMR Band
76.7MHz – 87.9250MHz

High VHF PMR Band
137.9750MHz – 173.0MHz

Cordless Phones
1.642MHz – 77.55MHz, 1771.2MHz – 1897.344MHz

Fire Service Band
70.525MHz – 457.2375MHz

Maritime Beacons
284kHz – 404kHz

Mobile Phones
872.0125MHz – 949.9875MHz

425.5750MHz – 478.7MHz

Health Service
160.0125MHz – 463.9250MHz

Military HF and VHF Band
2.2610MHz – 220.0MHz

Space Bands
2.6220MHz – 28.65MHz, 121.75MHz – 296.8MHz, 2217.5MHz – 2287.5MHz

Radio Microphones Band
49.82MHz – 49.98MHz, 173.8MHz – 217MHz, 854.9MHz – 864MHz

Coast Guard Band
0.5Mhz – 462.325MHz

Military UHF
220MHz – 399.95MHz

Pager Bands
137.975MHz – 466.075MHz

Mountain Rescue Bands
84.6MHz – 158.65MHz


284kHz - 12.3435GHz
0.0243m - 1.056km

2MHz – 200MHz
1.50m – 150m

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