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Subsystem requirements

Estimated Requirement Requirement + contingency
Mass 205g 285g
Idle power Unknown x
Transmitting power 1019mW x
Board size 8100mm2 + 22mm clearance 8100mm2 + 22mm clearance
Cost (components only) ~£180 ~£280

Starting operating temperature range -30oC to +60oC

These requirements are correct as of SDD v3.

Team contacts

The Cubesat communications team consist of the following and can be contacted via e-mail.

Team advisors/mentors:
Andy Thomas ku.oc.oohay|liamsamohtydna#ku.oc.oohay|liamsamohtydna
John Heath moc.tenretnitb|aih7g#moc.tenretnitb|aih7g

Team manager - Ashley Back M6AOB:||63bra

Current Members:
James Blake M6JSB:||1bdsj
Liam Ryan:||52rjl
Ben Hall M6BHJ:||57hb
Michael McNally:||84mjm

Former Members:
Rob Smith:||75sjr
Mike Spracklen:||225sm
Adam Bark:||41bpa
Hussein Nasser:||72nh
Jasmine Sandhu:||324sj
Micah Harris:||32hlm
Maahjabeen 'Mez' Vanat:||16vm
Ben Gamble:||27gb
Luke Feetham:||11fml
Sherali Walji:||941ws (formally 3rd yr pair project)
Tom Dorman–Matthews:||1mjet (formally 3rd yr pair project)
Benjy Otieno:||1obb

Andy Thomas' Website:


The primary goal of the communications subsystem is to provide a link to relay data to ground station and send commands to and from the CubeSat and as such will primarily consist of telemetry and command sequences that send and receive data respectively. Data is collected by the payload and sensors on the satellite in the form of analogue or digital data which must be sent to the ground station.

The communications subsystem (COMS) will perform two functions. It will provide the telemetry downlink and telecommand uplink functionality. The satellite will uplink and downlink in the satellite segment of the UHF amateur radio frequency band of around 435 MHz (TBC). Telemetry downlink will be provided by a 4800/2400bps PIC modem, using FSK modulation (either FFSK or GMSK), using the amateur standard AX.25 protocol. Further information on AX.25 is detailed in this file, which provides a full specification of the protocol. The system will be able to transmit 350kB in a 10 min overhead window with the 4800bps modem.

Subsystem Contents

Please follow the links listed below to easily locate any communications information you require.

COMS Schedule

COMS Meeting Notes

COMS Flight Board Layout

COMS Concepts & Fundamentals
COMS Mission Requirements
COMS Work Package Breakdown (Includes rough Mass, Volume, Cost and Power budgets)
COMS subsystem definition page
COMS System definition document
COMS Block Diagram
COMS Groundsegment Definition
COMS Ground segment hardware description
Link Budget page
COMS Interface
COMS Mechanical Interface

Bench testing the COMS level shifters and TX/MODEM board

Main Component Pages:

The Transceiver page
The Antenna page

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