This page is dedicated to the computing and processing of all the data that will be produced by PLUME. The intention is that Python will become the common language that will be used by all subsystems so that generic programs can be shared.


Python is a free to use high-level general-purpose programming language which runs on Mac OS X, Linux/Unix and Windows machines which can be downloaded from the Python website. There is a large online community thats supports Python via a wiki which also hosts international and local conferences, runs development sprints, and contributes to online code repositories. For people running Python Windows or Mac OS X there is also a user friendly GUI (IDLE environment). Once downloaded additional binary librairies can be installed, for scientific computing you will need to install numpy and for plotting matplotlib is usually recommended. Details on additional plotting libraries can be found here.

For those who have very little or no programming experience there is an exellent tutorial which can be found here . For those with more experience a programmers guide to Python can be found here. For a general beginners guide to Python for Physics use Physics Computing Course Handbook.

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