Communication Bands

Radio Broadcast Bands

Digital Satellite Radio
11.3260GHz – 12.3435GHz

Short Wave Radio
3200kHz – 21840kHz

Band II VHF Radio
87.7MHz – 107.9MHz

Television Broadcast Bands

474MHz – 850MHz

Utility Bands

HF Marine Band
0.5MHz, 2.0460MHz – 26.4500MHz

VHF Marine Band
156.0MHz – 467.8250MHz

Amateur Radio
0.0730MHz – 1316.0MHz

CB Radio Band
26.9650MHz – 934.9625MHz

Low VHF PMR Band
76.7MHz – 87.9250MHz

High VHF PMR Band
137.9750MHz – 173.0MHz

Cordless Phones
1.642MHz – 77.55MHz, 1771.2MHz – 1897.344MHz

Fire Service Band
70.525MHz – 457.2375MHz

Maritime Beacons
284kHz – 404kHz

Mobile Phones
872.0125MHz – 949.9875MHz

425.5750MHz – 478.7MHz

Health Service
160.0125MHz – 463.9250MHz

Military HF and VHF Band
2.2610MHz – 220.0MHz

Space Bands
2.6220MHz – 28.65MHz, 121.75MHz – 296.8MHz, 2217.5MHz – 2287.5MHz

Radio Microphones Band
49.82MHz – 49.98MHz, 173.8MHz – 217MHz, 854.9MHz – 864MHz

Coast Guard Band
0.5Mhz – 462.325MHz

Military UHF
220MHz – 399.95MHz

Pager Bands
137.975MHz – 466.075MHz

Mountain Rescue Bands
84.6MHz – 158.65MHz


284kHz - 12.3435GHz
0.0243m - 1.056km

2MHz – 200MHz
1.50m – 150m

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