COMS Team contacts


The Cubesat communications team consist of the following and can be contacted via e-mail.

Team advisors/mentors:
Andy Thomas ku.oc.oohay|liamsamohtydna#ku.oc.oohay|liamsamohtydna
John Heath moc.tenretnitb|aih7g#moc.tenretnitb|aih7g

Team manager - Luke Feetham:||11fml

Current Members:
Ashley Back:||63bra
Adam Bark:||41bpa
Michael McNally:||84mjm

Former Members:
Sherali Walji:||941ws (formally 3rd yr pair project)
Tom Dorman–Matthews:||1mjet (formally 3rd yr pair project)
Benjy Otieno:||1obb
Maahjabeen Vanat:||16vm
Benjy Otieno:||1obb

Emeritus Members
Ryan Laird
Joanne Askew
Neil Gray

Andy Thomas' Website:

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