This wiki provides information and documentation for the University of Leicester student CubeSat project, PLUME;
the Picosatellite of Leicester University Micrometeoroid Experiment

Very sadly PLUME is defunct, after several years of work. The project is now in a state where it is not fair to ask for any more support or consideration from our colleagues and friends in industry and academia. It is grim news indeed that we have not managed to produce a finished spacecraft after years of magnificent support from the Space Research Centre here in Leicester and our generous backers and collaborators across the world. Like any worthwhile scheme, we will always benefit from the experience of running and constructing the satellite in our future careers. None of us will ever forget the help we got that made it possible to work so well for so long. I personally am indebted to everyone I worked alongside - everyone who read the documentation and contributed time and effort to the project, all while managing a rigorous and demanding degree, and particularly those who did so after the original PLUME team had started to graduate and disappear.

Probably none of the email addresses on this wiki work anymore. PLUME had a reputation for being quite well documented, and I hope other student engineering and space science projects can benefit from reading about our work. I want to archive the documents here at some point, but I won't check the forum too often and cannot be expected to answer questions there.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors, whoever you are!
- P Peterson (2013)

This website contains a lot of technical information. For an overview of the project, pictures and blogs from the participants, see [http://www.plume.org.uk].


The documentation list is available here Documentation List

Project News and Updates

09/09/2009 a team has visited the NSC in order to start developing our ground segment

12/8/2009 wiki and documentation tidy-up

21/4/2009 payload tested successfully using laser simulation

20/01/2009-22/01/2009 3 PLUME members attended the 2nd European CubeSat Workshop at ESTEC

9/4/2008-11/4/2008 2 PLUME members attended the 5th annual CubeSat Developers Conference at Cal Poly

22/01/2008-24/01/2008 3 PLUME members attended the Vega Maiden Flight CubeSat Conference at ESTEC

30/11/2007: Wiki changes emailer in place.

07/11/2007: MISSION REQUIREMENTS REVIEW PASSED - MRR minutes added, and List of Acronyms added.

Easter Break: I know the easter break is coming up. Please keep checking the wiki, and keep working on your instruments budget. We really should try and keep the momentum going over easter

29/03/07: PHASE A COMPLETE With the selection of the nanometeoroid datector as payload the project has passed from phase A into phase B. The next milestone is going to be the PDR in late October 2007.

28/03/07: Added contend to ADCS, MEC,PAY,Management

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